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    2. Hotel supplies expert
      Customer satisfaction is our highest distinctive honor. We hope to do a long-term business with our customers, so we constantly strive to perfect our products and services. After years of development, Xinjie has cooperated with 60 well-known hotel brands. The products are exported to Europe, North America, Oceania, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.
      Established in 1991, Jiangsu Xinjie Weaving Co., Ltd. is a professional Huaian towel manufacturer with hotel towels, guest rooms, cloth and bathrobe as the leading products and gift towels as the supporting equipment. Huai'an Xinjie Towel Factory currently has 120 advanced looms of various types, producing 1 million sets of hotel towels and guest room cloth bathrobes annually...
      Contact Us:
      +86 187-6100-4708
      Address: No.3 Building of Kangma Road Knitting and Textile Industrial Park, Huaian District, Huaian City, Jiangsu Province
      Email: 2430699982@qq.com
      Fax:+86 0517-85829939
      Tel:+86 0517-80860800

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